Arus & Lillian Partnership

Inspired by the beauty of the Lily flower, and Arus, the land of imagination; Arus & Lillian came together to unleash artistry and allure without restriction. As a brand, we aim to inspire women to express their beauty and femininity through our captivating designs. 
Arus and Lillian aspire for lifelong partnerships that aim for both sides to grow and flourish. We’re committed to creating a positive, and healthy environment in which both sides can develop a strong relationship that leads to exceptional results.
Arus and Lillian believe that together, as partners, we’re playing the same team. We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re excited to learn more about you and what we can achieve together.
Our current partners are bold enough to embrace change, and confident enough to adapt to the ever-changing world we live in. They are devoted to their customers and strive to give the most exceptional service.
Arus and Lillian appreciated every bridal boutique that shares our values. 

Let’s join together, to create something beautiful.
With love,
Arus and Lillian